ERMI is a network of collaborating partner companies

They successfully operate in the market and are all connected by the common trust that the power is in the network. All partner companies work independently in parallel international markets, and are ready to join forces to collaborate for the completion of improvement programs.

Nothing is stronger, more effective, and long-lasting than a business relationship where all parties share common interests and are able to meet their personal business objectives. The role of ERMI is to maintain this network of professionals by keeping them aware of possible opportunities that arise during the Research phase of its engagement model.

There are times when ERMI ends its activity by making the connection between its client and a network partner. The value in that case, rather than a mere finder’s fee, resides in the creation of a new solid link in the network and an extension of ERMI’s reach in the marketplace. It is ERMI’s experience that often times a “quid-pro-quo” approach (i.e., an activity with no immediate economic return) generates value (and economic return) in the mid-long term. In that case, time is on ERMI’s side.


ERMI closes the gap between the needs of organizations that want to improve their results and the solutions that drive those results. ERMI sits between organizations, helps them connect, and empowers the relationship once the interests of all parties are clear and agreed.

An organization can be anything from a private multinational company to a small or medium enterprise, a software vendor, a consulting company, a financial institution, or any large or small business activity.

The assumption is that organizations already have internal resources to make the necessary improvements, so the role of ERMI is to catalyze these resources to optimize results. Only after careful review there might be the need to seek external support. That’s when ERMI leverages its network of contacts to match needs with the best expertise available.

Through the power of its network ERMI connects organizations and advises them on the best approach that will match business requirements and objectives.


ERMI provides its services on a gain-sharing model though a sequence of steps.


The power of the network allows to establish continuous contacts. Conferences, telephone interviews, referrals, face to face meetings, email exchanges, blog articles are all channels to start to engage with organizations that feel the need to change and to improve their results. At this stage the organization decides to become a client of ERMI Advisory Services.


Before jumping to the solution it’s important to establish the boundaries of the situation faced by the client, the eventual problems, and the elated implications. The knowledge of industry trends and benchmarks allow identifying the scope of work and supporting the organization we’ve engaged with in making the next step. At this stage it becomes clear whether the client is capable of sustaining the effort of the action to achieve the expected results or rather it prefers an external support.


Results does not happen by magic. The established relationship must be managed in a way that the client understands the scope of work and the possible achievable results. Eventual connections with external supporting parties are part of this stage of the engagement. This is the stage where ERMI can support with training, education, coaching, market analysis, and a project roadmap.


The journey is just at the beginning. The client has now a clear roadmap and the possible partners that will support the implementation of the action that will drive the expected results. ERMI does not go further in its support in order to preserve independency. ERMI does certainly provide assistance and supervisory control to ensure quality of the deliverables.